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o you like games, where you fight with different people? If the answer is positive, you can start the game, called Stick Fight: The Game, where you can get the whole bunch of emotions you need at the moment. Forget about the annoying games, where you need to fight with your rivals face to face, but they are not real people, but rather predictive computer bots. Here you will be fighting with different people, and see real opponents with their weak and strong sides. This game is full of unexpected things, and you will be in a process of constant fight. Your opponents are rather unusual, because they are stickmen, and this is fun to kill them. Each of them looks completely different, and they are of different colors and shapes. You will be amazed by the amount of unique locations, with cool tricks and traps. You will take part in breathtaking missions, and each level will be different from the previous one.
The game is very dynamic, and you will never be fed up with it, because you don’t know what to expect the next moment you defeat this very enemy. You will se the next one round the corner, and who knows, maybe this will be your friend? This game allows you to take part in it, and you may invite up to three friends to play with you. Here you can show all your skills and see how your opponents will respond you. You just need to know how you take control over your characters, and, when you do this, you will be playing with your friend in the same room. The amount of weapon is huge, and you may use sticks, guns and knives, and you can use this armoire whenever you need. But don’t think that this will make your life easier, because each level has its own peculiarities, and you have to adjust to all locations, and the most difficult thing is to follow the flow of time, because it is very limited.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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