Stickman Fighting


Fighting is no good – these words you are probably told by your relatives. Yes, this is really bad, because of many reasons, but this is true only for our usual life. When we are talking about virtual life, everything is opposite. Here you don’t have to worry about sizes and fighting skills of your opponent, because even if you die, you can easily restart the game and try one more time, and show better results. That is why people all over the world prefer to get rid of their aggression in a peaceful way, and kill online monsters and trivial passers-by. Some people say that such games provoke violence, but this is not true, because they help to forget about negative emotions. If you need a little fight right now, why don’t you try Stick Fight 2?

This game is a real craze, and people all over the world adore playing it. The picture is created in a cartoonish way, where every character is white. No faces or hair, no identification. In this game everyone, whom you see, is your enemy, otherwise it would be impossible to distinguish, who is bad, and who is your friend. You don’t know why, but these stickmen are following you, and they may even attack you in groups. This isn’t fair, but you can cope with this inconvenience easily. You just need to look at your armoire set and pick up the best solution. During the game you may enlarge the number of weapon in your store, and this will help you to fight even more efficiently.
There is one mode that helps you to become a better fighter. Do you want to now how everything is going on? You get enormous number of crystals, and you can upgrade your character the way you like. New armoire, locations, powers, bonuses – everything can be reached at the moment! Don’t hesitate, run the game, and you will clearly see all advantages within a couple of minutes. This game is cool just the way it is, but new mode, granting many crystals, makes it extremely appealing and you want to complete it again and again.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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