Stickman Fight


Are you really enjoying various arcades? If so, you may like the game under the promising title Stickman Fight. This is a sequel of a famous game, and many fans all over the world have been waiting for this day. Dozens of dynamic fights are waiting for you here, and you may operate not only with a stick, but with other cool weapon. There are plenty of levels that consist of different locations and various enemies on them. You need to take care and follow the signs, not to be trapped and killed by the other gamer, a bit luckier than you.
Your character is one against numerous enemies, and you need to help him to save his life. Your hero looks cartoonish, but his fighting skills and armoire is far from being fairy-tale. He can vanquish all enemies, but only if you help him in this difficult mission. You can start with swords, and end up with machine guns, so it’s only your choice what type of weapon to choose. But, when you start the game, you are very limited in options you may choose, and you should fight, earn money and upgrade you character and his armoire. So, the more money you earn – the more powerful your character becomes. But even at this starting point you can do a lot – you can fight with your fists. The game on this page has a special mode, where you have a huge amount of crystals at your disposal. You can choose this game currency the way you like, and only you can decide what things should be developed at first. You can take part in tournaments, and earn even more money than for defeating a single simple enemy. So, there are plenty of options in this game, and you can do absolutely everything you want.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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