Stick Fight: The Game


Fighting is in your blood, and you need to kick someone’s ass? Well, you can easily do it with a new game Stick Fight: the Game. You don’t need to hesitate for too long, and wait for the right moment to play the game. Open the necessary link, and enjoy the process of playing for as long as you want. There is one catch, and it is strong and at the same time weak point of the game: there is no single player variant. So, if you want to play this game, you need to invite one, two or three friends and play with them. It’s up to you to decide, whether this is good or bad, and you can make your impression right now, the very moment you gather your friends together.
If you have ever played Mortal Combat, then you will feel at ease with this game. What is waiting for you here? As we have already mentioned, this is a multiplayer, and there may be from two to four players, so you should think about a nice company beforehand. You can ask your friends to sit with you in front of a computer, or play via Internet. How many levels you need to feel happy? We’ve got eighty! And each of them is well-thought, so you will never get bored. Every level will set you to a different location, and you will see how many things you can do there. Each location has special tricks, and you need to learn every peculiarity to become the winner in the battle.
The cooperation in the game is on the highest level, so you and your friends can help or fight with each other. It depends only on your gaming goals of today, and it won’t change your attitude towards one another. The animation is super cool as well, and you can simply enjoy the battle simulator without any bugs. How many weapons can you name? Here you will see all of them, and even more. Almost every detail of armoire exists in real life, and they are depicted with great accuracy. Do you need more details? Then start the game, and see what cool features are waiting for you!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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