Stick Fight steam


Stick Fight is a captivating fighting game that will take you back to the very basics of this genre. You’ll get to control a cute stick figure battling the same primitive characters using various kung-fu moves. It takes just one punch to take down your opponent, so don’t miss! You can use one of the two weapons available, in your right and left hand. The weapons can be purchased for coins earned for every knocked out enemy. One foe equates one coin. That’s doesn’t seem much, but since enemies come non-stop, in a few minutes you’ll have a pretty hefty sum on your account. There are also various kinds of hats giving you some serious boosts. Both the weapons and the hats are upgradable, so you can increase your damage, defense and other stats practically without limit. The speed of enemy attacks will be constantly growing, so don’t relax! Stick Fight might not be the most graphically exquisite game, but it’s surely very addictive! Besides, all the moves are cutely animated, so you can enjoy your character in action performing some impressive kung-fu. There are also intense boss fights to survive through. See how long you can keep up and earn as many coins as you can to upgrade your hero from head to toe!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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