Stick Fight 4


You’ve got a fantastic chance to compete with your mates in the exciting arcade called Stick Fight: The Game.  The main characters are sticks fighting against each other. Every hero has his own color: yellow, red, blue or green. So, as you see, four players are the maximum quantity in this game. Choose your stickman, give him a name and press the start button. 1,2,3! – the countdown strikes quickly and next moment you’re on the battlefield. Don’t lose a single second and start acting right now! Jump, run, hide, and catch the weapon falling from the sky, briefly, move all the time. Your rivals will run too but don’t give them the opportunity to attack first. Sometimes it’ll more reasonable to wait it out, especially when the location will spin and endanger your life. Yeah, your character can easily die by just getting stuck between the constructions or falling on the spikes. However, active enemies represent a greater danger for your stickman. And if they have a laser gun, run as fast as you can! The thing is, nobody knows what sort of weapon will appear in the level. You see its power only after making shots. Surprise! The game consists of 80 different levels succeeding each other immediately. You blink your eyes – and here’s the next one! Speed is the key principle of Stick Fight. On the other side, you can’t affirm that the story doesn’t change. The settings and challenges are getting complicated and more unexpected. Still you don’t have time to inspect the area, just punch everything and everyone. It’s real fun, so even when you lose the battle, you don’t feel sad at all! Of course, because you’re playing with your friends:  joy, laughter, bright emotions are inevitable in this case. Do you want to spend your free time with pleasure? Gather everybody and show what you’re capable of! Who’s gonna be the winner of this enduring but exciting game? Would it be an easy victory or a tough battle? Never play, never know!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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