Stick Fight 3


If you love fights, that you will definitely love the Stick Fight 3 game! It takes battles to a whole new, delightfully basic level: stick figures punching each other in an endless sequence. You’ll have to help your hero stick out to the end (pun intended!) averting the attacks of multiple enemies coming in waves. With each wave, their speed will increase, so watch out! For common soldiers, one punch will definitely suffice to get them out of action. Use either your left or right hand tapping the screen with one or two fingers to deliver your blow. The figures will be closing up on you continuously, at an increasing speed. At first, fighting off their attacks won’t be that difficult. But as they start moving faster, you’ll be at risk of missing their hits and becoming vulnerable. So this is a game that requires quick reflexes, even though it’s pretty much basic.
While controls are primitive and the graphics doesn’t offer much of diversity, developers have made up for it with various animations that illustrate different fighting styles. You’ll get to enjoy the most widely known moves of kung-fu and other similar styles as you make one hit after another. Your character is also upgradable. You can equip him with several types of weapons and hats that also add to your fundamental parameters. The more coins your earn the more cool things you’ll be able to afford. Together with the fascinating action, it can keep you glued to the screen of your smartphone or tablet for hours!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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