Stick Fight 2


Stick Fight 2 became popular among those who like battles and physics. No doubt, you know who the Stickman is, but what differs this game from the previous version, is that you can invite your friends! Let from one to four people join you in this captivating activity. The game is often compared with the TABS (Totally Accurate Battle Stimulator) project because some of the ideas were borrowed from it. Still, unlike TABS, everything happens very fast in Stick Fight – you don’t have time to plan your actions. See the enemies and location? Get to work! Otherwise, every wasted minute can cost your character life! Your rivals won’t stay in one place, so be ready to give them a very warm welcome any moment. You’ll never feel bored with this arcade!
There are about 80 levels where you can try your survival skills, attention and inventiveness. How quick is your reaction? The game will offer you a random set of cubes, lines and other geometrical constructions that will serve you whether a trampling or dangerous obstacles. They can even destroy your character before your enemy reaches you. The situation gets complicated when the room starts spinning: your task is not only to catch and kill the rival, but also not to fall into the hole. The battle reminds of the Matrix film where one should be flexible, throw punches and know how to outsmart the enemy. In addition, you can use various types of weapon falling from above. Try to overtake your opponent and get the gun first. Though the goal of the game is to win the battle, the authors also took care about design. At first, the palette is dark, later it becomes bright pink and at the end white snow goes on falling. The authors have a great sense of humor as far as at the moment, when you are defeated or vice versa, you kill someone, you see funny inscriptions on the screen, such as ‘Sweet dreams’, ‘Flawless’, ‘Woo!!!’. Encouraging, right?
Stick Fight is a game which has got hundreds of fans all around the world. Become of one them and participate in a series of fantastic adventures. Or gather a team of players among your friends and find out who is the toughest of four. What can be better than spend a couple of hours with people who share the same interests as you? It’ll be a splendid and unforgettable experience! Enjoy the game and have fun!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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