Stick Battle


The era of stickmen has come but this time the characters look more stylish, they fight against more enemies and never get tired. Where do they get so much energy? Stick Battle: The Game is an arcade that consists of 80 fantastic levels where you must kill all the rivals and do it really quickly. If not, they’ll destroy you. Rely on your attention and react on events immediately! Sometimes you might think that the level has finished but, in fact, it’ll continue until the last stickman stays alive. In other words, when the two/three/four of you fall into the abyss, wins the one who jumps the higher. It means that you should creep, jump or climb from last forces. The stickman, who wins the round, wears a yellow crown. How to get it? Push your enemies off a cliff or better find a gun and shoot them. You may be lucky and get a laser, thus, kill them all very quickly. Just be careful and don’t hurt yourself because it’s possible too. Plus, rotating settings can present danger for your life as well. Follow the way they move until again, the weapon appears and allows you to shoot the rivals. A burst of emotions is guaranteed if you play with your friends. Don’t say sorry for killing someone because they knew what they agreed. Deep inside, everybody wants to win, so don’t let your feelings come over the game. It’s like in real life: if you’re confident and determined, the victory will be yours! Check if this rule works, play Stick Fight! Make some noise in the room and perhaps, next time your neighbors would like to join you! You can even organize a kind of tournament and turn the funny game into a competition between two apartments! It’ll be really something! Has your dad already accepted the proposition to defend the family’s honor?


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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