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Stick Fight Game online

The genre of fighting games has been one of the most popular ever since the appearance of titles like Mortal Combat. And it’s no surprise. We all love the taste of victory and the sensation of adrenaline pumping through our veins. That’s especially true for boys, although some girls are also fervent fighters. You can feel a real champion taking down one enemy after another, combining cool moves and using cunning tactics. All that gives you a feeling of really being on the arena and battling all the virtual opponents the program keeps spawning for you. There are tons of fighting games available in the web and you won’t fall short of options to choose from. However, a game like this doesn’t necessarily have to be overcomplicated and graphically flawless to get you hooked up! Stick Fight proves that once again. Launch this totally awesome fighting simulator on our site and see how long you will be able to fend off enemy attacks!

Simple and addictive

The visuals and gaming mechanics of Stick Fight is pretty simple. You’ll get to play for a cute stick men who happens to know kung-fu and is being attacked by the same stick men, only hostile ones. You task is to keep them away as long as possible avoiding their blows and delivering maximum damage by punching them either with your right or left hand. It’s highly important to time your moves right so that you don’t get hit by any of your foes. If you miss an attack, you will be staggered and your health will decrease. The speed of your enemies will be constantly growing, so you’ll need to act ever faster. You will also encounter some powerful bosses, so get ready for a real fight when you see one!

Arm your character for better results

Every time you will take down an enemy, you will gain one coin. And since most of your opponents can be knocked out with just one punch, it won’t take long until you have a hefty sum of money in your hands. So what can you do with it? There are several weapon types to equip your character. You can buy them in a special store and also upgrade them once you save enough money for that. Besides, your hero can wear a hat that also boosts some of the parameters. That will allow you to deliver more damage and remain on your foot for a longer period of time killing more enemies. The process will seem easy at first, but as the speed of the game increases, you are going to need quick reflexes and stay concentrated on the game otherwise the wave of enemies will knock you over.

Enjoy cool animations

If you think playing Stick Fight will be boring because there are no spectacular graphics to gaze at, don’t be disappointed! Although the characters are represented as primitive stick figures, there are some pretty cool animations illustrating different kung-fu moves. You will be able to enjoy seeing your hero fight like a kung-fu star! Hundreds of enemies to battle, hundreds of weapons and hats to unlock, hundreds of hours to spend increasing your parameters and skills… No, Stick Fight is anything but dull! It’s a game that’s definitely worth your attention if you are fond of the fighting genre. On our online catalogue, you will find a wide range of Stick Fight games to try your hand at. Discover the subtleties of the gameplay and find out how well you can cope with an entire army of aggressive stick figures rushing at you non-stop! Don’t let them come near, fight off their attacks and hit them first!